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sailtrim upwind one

1.99 usd

What effects do Genua Cars, Backstays, Traveller and Halyard tension might have to your sails? A new App shows what happens when you are trimming the sail.„Sailtrim upwind one“ ist the first fully animated sailtrim App now available on Google Play Store. The application explains what happens when one is playing around with the various trimming functions on a sailboat.
The user can select the sail he wants to trim (mainsail or headsail). Then he gets a choice of different trimming functions which can be operated by sliders to either trim or ease the sheet virtually and can see the deformation of his sails and gets the information for what conditions (wind and waves) the current trim might be good for. To see and explore the moving sailshapes from different angles, the rigg can be rotated around its vertical centerline.
The new app „Sailtrim upwind one“ is focussing on all sailing enthusiast, beginners as well as experianced race sailors. The easy to handle application is particularly useful for sailing schools.
„Sailtrim upwind one“ is developed for Android and is working on smartphones and tablets. The download is available for only Euro 6.54 on Google Play Store.